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Tattoo Sets

Now that the centuries old art of tattooing has gone digital in our world, it's a great diversion to spend time decorating your models with unique body art to help make them more one of a kind! In this latest tattoo pack we have added some new nipple tattoos.

Ankle tattoos are sensible as they can be easily covered for a more discrete discernig persons tastes but stil say 'I walk on the wild side'. This is prompting their popularity, and we've added some more cool popular ankle tattoo styles to help personalize your favorite models dleicate ankle areas.

Lower Back
Take your model to the rebellious side of life, and create a bit of bad-girl aurora. There is nothing more classy to compliment the natural beauty of a woman's back, and draw attention to her ass, than a great lower back tattoo design. Lower back tattoos are just so damn hot and sexy on a female that we had to add more;

Temple of the Mind
In the 'closed stacks', are kept the cherished withdrawn from circulation books that are not available to the public. These are the true secret books of knowledge and power. Exploring the urges of the body in this temple of the mind may be a sacrilege, but the 'secret basement' is the perfect place to study mysticism, wizardry, magic, enslavement and other learned fetishes and practices. It's the perfect place to take the prudish old moral codes to task and conjure up your own thesis on sexual deviant fantasy!